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I’ll be the first to tell you that being able to attract high quality leads within 7 days or less and turn them into high paying clients has been life-changing.
The best part about this is…
I’m able to get these leads coming to me with just 30 min to an hour of micro tasks…
This method is simple and actually newbie-friendly (you don’t need any special skills to do this)
I’ve cracked the formula for attracting high quality leads on demand with a 100% no cost method, which means higher return on the investment.
I get leads coming to me while I’m out and about with my kids and even while I sleep because once you turn this on… the leads just keeps coming in…

This is DIFFERENT from pretty much every other FB method you’ve seen before!
Hi there… Ivana Here
Approximately 3 years ago, I had figured out how to go viral like clockwork on FB…
And over the past 4 months I’ve been perfecting this lead generation method to get high quality leads in as little as 24 hours.
…and I can attract a lot of high quality leads into my programs, with this 100% no cost method
…So I shared this method with a few of my digital entrepreneur friends…
… They didn’t seem as excited as I thought they would be
At first I was a little surprised, but then I started thinking about it…
…and I get it why they weren’t jumping out of their chairs…
It’s because…
There are a lot of FB lead generation methods out there.
You’ve probably seen more than one in your days online…
In fact, if you opened up your inbox right now and looked at everything related to FB Lead generation over the past month, you’d likely see several training courses and software tools all talking about how to get method and convert it into sales.
Unfortunately, most of them teach the same old lead generation methods over and over again…
Usually they involve spamming your FB newsfeed with no rhyme or reason with offer after offer or spending money on ads that end up costing a small fortune…
Sure, maybe you’ll make a sale or two that way, but it’s NOT scalable and doesn’t generate a long-term, consistent online income…

Then I Shared With Them That One Of My
Mentors is Doing 300K per Year With This

And They Started To Get Excited…

As These Simple Powerful Posts....

Are Attracting Clients Who Love Working With Me…

The Leads Transformers
Challenge Is Perfect for You!

Inside, You Get Everything You Need To Attract Tons of High Quality Leads On Demand…
This is a 7 Day Leads Transformers Challenge That Consists of Video Training with DFY Templates and DFY Worksheets to turn this into a success as soon as possible.
We’ll take you by the hand and show you.

EXACTLY how this works!

How to quickly get everything setup today and get a proven method to get as many leads into your business as possible.
The simple way to turn that method into a high ticket lead generation machine
How to scale things up with simple 30-60 min micro tasks.
No stones are left unturned, and you get EVERYTHING you need to start generating high ticket leads as soon as today.
In addition, I’ll be sharing 1 Full Case Study Reveals How I Got A High Ticket Coaching Client with Simple 3 Sentence Message.
You get to see how the conversation evolved and how I’ve ended up enrolling these coaching clients into my program.
This makes it easy to “copy and paste” your way to getting your own high ticket coaching client!


The Leads Transformers Challenge

Inside of the Leads Transformers
Challenge You'll Discover:

Why this method different from everything else you’ve seen…
⦁ How to get setup in two hours or less, have leads flowing in as soon as TODAY, and clients as soon as tomorrow
⦁ How to get all the FREE, targeted ideal client leads you need in just 30-60 min per day…
⦁ It will teach you a must needed high quality leads attraction system so you can feed yourself for a life. 
⦁ We give you a COMPLETE step-by-step blueprint inside that will teach you this vital life-long skill… And don’t worry… it does not require any spamming.
⦁ One Secret Method For Cracking FB’s “engagement algorithm” so your activity actually gets seen… almost everyone does this wrong, and they’re missing out on a lot of FREE lead generation methods!
⦁ The little-known trick that no-one is talking about that has our FB posts going viral… And not just every now and then… We’re going viral over and over again using this trick… It’s not luck when you know the formula to success… and we’ll show you how to do it inside!
⦁ How to siphon hot leads from other people and turn them into your own clients… 100% Legal and Attraction Marketing method…
⦁ The simple formula we use day after day to turn profiles into a high quality lead generation magnet…
⦁ The Formula to Identifying Your Ideal Client, so you don’t waste time with people who you cannot help
⦁ Inside, we’ll show you how to sell without selling… When you know this, you can easily profit just like the “big guys” even if you’re a total newbie with no following 

Plus, many more insider secrets that will get you loads of leads and put money in your pocket

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We’ll also show you how to work less and scale things up quickly. You can easily use this method to build a highly successful business.

This is the most newbie-friendly method you’ve ever seen for getting free high quality leads with FB and easily converting them into clients…

But don’t just listen to us…
Look What Real People Are Saying About it:

Powerful Bonuses

Bonus #1 - Let Me Hold Your Hand To Set Up Your Lead Generation Machine - Value $297

I am giving you access to the private group. This group has been a goldmine especially for people who are new to FB Organic Marketing. 


We have cracked the FB code with a unique, pay-it-forward formula that ensures each of our members can tap into the viral power of the world’s most dominant social platform. 


Just share your posts within this exclusive groups and watch as your content start pulling in more eyeballs and leads than ever before. 

BONUS #2 - A 45 Min Game-Plan Call To Define Your Plan Of Action To Turn This Method into a Successful Business - Value - $497

This ‘Game Plan’ strategy call is crucial if you really want to hit the ground running. 

It’s easy to start a digital business but the numbers speaks for
themselves. The fact is, 9/10 online business fail within the first 3
months for several different reasons. 


On this call, I will help you to identify the best course of action
to get started and ensure that you achieve your goals with proper

BONUS #3 - A Proven Script To Turns a Simple Conversation Into Clients

I will show you how easy it is to start the conversation, but the harder part is turning that conversation into a client. 

What if all you had to do is ask 3-4 questions?


This proven script is powerful and mind blowing. All you have to do is kick of the conversation and use these 3-4 questions to convert the lead into a client. 

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The Leads Transformers Challenge At No Risk,
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We don’t want anything to hold you back from getting Access to Leads Transformers Challenge right now.

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Here’s the deal…
Get your hands on Leads Transformers Challenge right now at a discount
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Use the step-by-step training to start getting high quality leads that want to do business with you
If you apply what we teach inside the training and you can’t make more than your investment back, just reach out to our support team with proof that you applied the training within 14 days of purchase, and we will issue a full refund.
With a guarantee like this, you can get Leads Transformers Challenge today with the confidence that we stand behind this training and we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is…
This works!
Would Getting at Least 1 Client a Week From This Method Improve Your Life?
For most people, the answer to that question is a BIG “yes…”
And imagine being able to do so day after day… week after week…
Even newbies are making this successful…

The Leads Transformers Challenge Gives You a COMPLETE Plan To Success…

Here’s what’s included:
  • The simple way to turn Facebook into a lead generation powerhouse by doing 4-5 small micro-tasks. ($197 Value)
  • Easy-To-Follow Video Training. ($297 Value)
  • 1 Real Life Case Study. ($997 Value)
  • DFY Templates and Worksheets
  • 7 Days of Challenge + Micro Tasks
  • Bonus #1 – Access to The Organic Marketers Network Closed Door Group. ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #2 – A 45 Min ‘Game Plan’ Strategy Call To Launch Your Program Successfully In 4-6 weeks. ($297 Value)
  • Bonus #3 – A Proven Script To Kick Off The Conversation and Convert Them Into Clients

Total Real World Value Of All Of This = $2,085

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q – What is the Leads Transformers Challenge?


This is a brand new lead generation method for getting high quality leads from FB without spending money on ads.
Everything is revealed inside, and you can start getting results extremely quickly.
This is like NOTHING you’ve seen before…
Q – Is this newbie friendly?
Yes, 100%. If a full-time mom with two very active kids can do this in an hour per day, anyone can!
What’s different about this one? Aren’t there a lot of courses focused on FB?
This is NOT about the same old rehashed FB method methods you’ve seen before. It’s much different, it doesn’t require you to spam your personal FB newsfeed and hope you get sales, and it’s PROVEN to work.
Q – Do I need to invest any money to “kickstart” the method or is it really FREE?
Nope. This is all about 100% FREE viral method!
Q – Is this just a course?
No, it’s MUCH more than that.
We’ll show you and challenge you to take micro tasks to achieve results in 24 hours from now.
Q – What’s included with the Leads Transformers Challenge?
You get access to a complete training guide packed with 10 easy-to-follow steps to success and illustrations of everything.
Plus, we’re including 1 real life case study that shows you EXACTLY how we’re able to get clients using the methods from this challenge. It is developed over 7 days with a few hours of preparation work. 
Q – How many leads can I get from this?
As you can see from the proof there is no limit to the leads you can get from this. Or how many clients. But if you just do 30 min per day of micro tasks, you will start attracting leads – guaranteed. This is VERY possible, and it doesn’t take much time.
Q – How long does it take to start attracting leads?
Fast! You can have leads flowing today and even attract your first potential clients within just a few hours.
Q – Will this work for me, as I am in _______ niche?
As long as your audience spends time on Facebook, you can get leads.
Q – Is there a guarantee?
Of course. You get a full 14 days to make sure this is for you.  
Q – Does this work on business pages too?
Yes it does, HOWEVER, the reach is not as big, and we recommend using your profile for this.
Q – How do I get started with the Leads Transformers Challenge Right Now?

Get Instant Access To Leads Transformers Challenge By Clicking The Button Below…

This Special One Time Offer Ends in...

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